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About Us

Hello, I’m Nimin Chen, Manager of Oil Painting Town in San Diego, California. Our company, Oil Painting Town, founded in 2016 in Guangzhou, China, is a rising new art gallery providing high quality original and reproduction artwork. The San Diego gallery is the first of our company in the US, and we’re expanding with more being planned now. Our artist team now includes more than 20 artists in the US and China, and we’re growing. Our customers are private collectors and art lovers and a wide range of businesses - hotels, real estate developers, doctors and many other professionals. Our artists create and reproduce all of our paintings by hand, using only the highest quality paints and canvas. We aim to support talented artists, helping them to create better art by providing space, financial support and a platform for them to develop and market their arts. To encourage more people to enjoy art, we also offer painting classes to people from ages 5 and up, up, up. Come on in and let’s have fun!

Details about Refunds

You’re helping others when you buy from us!1 % Donation to All God’s Children When you place an order, 1% of your order amount (excluding tax and shipping costs.) will be donated to the highly respected children’s Foster Care and Adoptions organization, All God’s Children (http://allgodschildren.org/). We will donate to this charity directly and publish the donation details periodically. Please stay tuned.
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Share what you buy in photos and write about your shopping experience at OilPaintingTown.com in Facebook, Twitter or Google +, and we’ll give you a 1% refund of your order amount (excluding the tax and shipping costs). Here’s how it works -
1. The content you share must mention your order number (format: #2016053001) and name our account, @Oil Painting Town.
2. We’ll verify your sharing within 2-4 working days after you tell us about it, and you will get the 1% refund once that is done.
3. The upper limit of refund amount is $50.00.
4. Each customer can get one refund only, non-repeatable.

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