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Worry-Free Return Policy

Return Policy for all OilPaintingTown.com paintings

At OilPaintingTown.com we put your satisfaction as our top priority and will take good care to correct any mistakes on our end that lead to a return or an exchange.

Situation 1: Defective Product Received

In the unlikely case that a painting is defective, please email us

at ContactUs@OilPaintingTown.com as soon as possible, sending a digital photo, and retain the defective painting.

We will determine if the painting is defective and if it is will give you a full refund or exchange new products for you immediately. Our customer service team will work closely with you so you’ll be satisfied.

Situation 2:Wrong Products Shipped

If something is wrong with an order, our customer support team will always be there to help you. If you believe you have received something not in your order, please email ContactUs@OilPaintingTown.com or call 1-888-922-8453 on the first business day.

If the painting(s) you received do not match those you ordered, OilPaintingTown.com will exchange your products with the correct items you want to order or pick-up or refund your money – it is your choice. The decision to replace or refund will be conveyed in our conversation with you.

Situation 3: Product Damaged in Shipping:

A. Visible damage or missing quantity when the product arrives

If there is visible damage to the packaging or there are missing pieces upon arrival, please ask the driver to write a note on the waybill stating the damage and/or missing boxes and ask him/her to sign for the notes before you sign the waybill. After signing the waybill, please contact OilPaintingTown.com at 1-888-922-8453 on the first business day.

Our products are carefully packaged to avoid damage in shipping. Damage to products will virtually always be visible on the exterior of the carton.

If products are damaged inside of the packaging, please contact OilPaintingTown.com immediately on the first business day.

If products have been damaged in shipping or are missing, OilPaintingTown.com will replace the products or refund the price of those products. The decision to replace or refund will be made in our conversation with you.

B. There is hidden damage but I have already signed off a way-bill in which I did not indicate damage?

Concealed damage must be reported to OilPaintingTown.com within 2 business days. Please call our toll-free line at 1-888-922-8453 or email us

at: ContactUs@OilPaintingTown.com

Situation 4: What if I just change my mind without any reason? Can I still return the products?

Yes. You can still return the product even if you just change your mind. However there are two scenarios:

1.You received the shipment and changed your mind: in that case the customer will need to cover the return shipping cost. After items are returned and inspected by the warehouse, and if the oil paintings are in good and resalable condition, a credit will be issued to your account after the 30% restocking fee is deducted (you will get a refund for 70% of the product sales, excluding the shipping cost and tax if applicable).

2.You changed your mind before the shipment arrived: if the shipment is successfully recalled, then you do not need to handle the return shipping and you save the return shipping cost. But if we do not recall the shipment successfully, then you need to keep an eye open for the shipment and handle the return shipping, covering the shipping cost.

Either way, after the items are returned and inspected by the warehouse, and the oil paintings are in good and resalable condition, a credit will be issued to your account after the 30% restocking fee is deducted.

If you want to buy other paintings while you return this shipment, you can place a new order and use the credit toward your new order instead of getting a refund to your account. If you place a new order, we will only charge 20% restocking fee instead of 30%.

The person or company that placed the order for oil painting is the only one responsible to contact OilPaintingTown.com, Third parties are excluded. Our Return Address is: 225 W 16th. Street, National City, CA, 91950

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